If Forever is Enough

Hello Ladies, October is here and I can smell the Christmas air already. Since I turned 23 last month, I believe that there are more opportunities that will be open for me and the journey of reaching for my dreams are just starting. As part of the things that I want to do and I want to achieve, I decided to join a online contest. It's the Forever 21 Threebies, My way. Yes, this is my first online contest and I'm really serious about this. haha! But sadly, for unknown reason my entry wasn't display or may be wasn't approved. :( But since I'm really in love with the garments and fashion pieces by Forever 21, I'd still share with you the photos and pasting the caption I wrote for my entry. haha!
Once in my life I’d wished to stay being a 21 year old.  But since I’m at my 23 now, it simply tells that my wish didn't came true. But because of Forever 21 you can stay being a 21 year old forever through the youthful yet elegant style of their garments. I chose this Sophisticated black top with polka dot sleeves because black is the color that suits to all ages and it never fades through time.  

 The Tough Chic. This shows the side of me being strong and fierce. I grew up being one of the boys, but I never regret that because it helped me to understand more the differences of each gender and how God magically turned them into pair. This is also represents the Modern Filipina for being tough and ready to whatever life may bring to them. 

The Office Elegance. For a working girl like me, we wanted to wear something that is appropriate at the work place yet we can also wear on a dinner date or party night. Actually a colleague once told me that on this photo it looks like I'm wearing a dress and not a blouse and skirt. :)

The Modern Maria Clara (Named after this blog. haha!). In this fast facing time, the conservative type of dressing up still shows that Maria Clara still exists in every Filipina. Simple, young and fresh but there is still a touch of elegance and sophistication. This is something you can wear for a Sunday Service, wedding or any formal event.

 Style is something that will never be compromised because what you wear and how you wear it, reflects your personality. In line with that, choosing the best garments that will cater your personal fashion style should always be the best. Forever 21 fits to all ages, perfect for any occasion, perfect from day to night.  

Though I wasn't able to get the opportunity to join this contest, I'm not giving up. May be this is not the right one and I still believe that there are a lot and better opportunities ahead of me.  :)  Happy Tuesday Ladies! 

Don't give up on your dreams!


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    1. Thanks Trish! It's so you ba? haha! Sayang talaga I wasn't able to join the contest but happy parin. :)

  2. I love the third one! You look so beautiful :)

    xx, Edda


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