Country-Rustic is the Theme!

Back to blogging this Tuesday evening. I just want to give you all a short and quick post before I get back to work. These past months, me and my fiancé were too busy in preparing for our wedding. (So yes, this is the reason why I'm missing in action on my blog for the past months.) We've chosen a date and agreed with the theme. Then we attended wedding fairs for us to have an idea on the suppliers we need and how much it would cost for us to achieve the wedding of our dreams. Biggest part of the preparation is to choose our wedding venue and caterer. So far we've been to 3 venues and caterers. Almost three months had passed and I can say that preparing a wedding is really tiring (physically, mentally and financially). You'll be overwhelmed with the ideas and different suppliers. There was a time we got headaches in computing and estimating our budget. But there are also perks of making the preparation.

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Sometimes we don't have to plan everything, because mostly, best things in life comes unexpectedly.

Like every other girls, I also dream of meeting the right man that will make my world move forward. A man who will make the butterflies fly inside my stomach. A man that is willing to throw his own plans and create new plans with me. A man that will teach me that loving someone is easy. A man that will accept me for who I was, for who I am and for what I dream to be. Hands that perfectly fits mine. Then one day that man will be down on one knee asking me to marry him and spend the rest of your lives together.