Friendship goes Down Town

Last month I had an early birthday celebration at my friend's rest house down South. This also became our barkada bonding since we haven't seen each other for a while because of our distances and busy schedules at work. We planned to roam around the city on our first day, but when we arrived at their place, the weather isn't that accommodating so we decided to bond inside the house, watch a movie, throw jokes at each other and of-course  food trip. On the following days God heard our prayers because suddenly the weather got calm. As planned, we looked for a resort where we can swim the whole day, took a lot of photos (funny photos), and also laugh trip videos while we were on the pool. Sadly, I don't have the copy of the videos that is why I can't share it with you. hahaha!
True friend is really hard to find. It doesn't matter if you have few as long as they are true. The joy and happiness that they bring is more than the happiness you'll feel when you got a super steal fashionable item on your favorite store. They are one of the beautiful things in the world that can never be bought. 

 If you fall (literally and figuratively), they will laugh at you but surely they will help you to get up. They will fight for you. They will spoil you. But they will nag at you like a mother when you do wrong. Friendship never gets old they became stronger through time. They will always be your greatest fan. Supports you until you reach your goal.

Different personalities, different minds, different dreams but God put them together and called it Friendship. I thank the Lord for giving me the gift of friendship. I may have few, but I know that they are true and will stick around until the end. 


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