Walk in Pair

Why does shoes always comes in pair? May be they comes in pair to endure the rough road and heat of the ground together. To enjoy the rain and to swim together through the flood. To protect both feet on what ever life may bring them. May be because they are made for each other. To fit perfectly on both feet.
I believe that we're just like them, God made us in pair. We are made for someone where we will fit perfectly. 

I don't believe in slow motion, instead I believe in fast forward. That everything will move so fast when you've found that someone. That every time you'll look at that person, everything moves forward. You'll see yourself walking in the aisle with your wedding dress, and you're looking at his eyes while he  stands at the altar waiting for you to say your vows, and excited to exchange his "I Do" with you. You'll imagine yourself waking up with that person each day, the day after that, and until your very last. That he is the last person you want to see before you close your eyes. 
 I believe that it is love when you can see yourself living with that person for the rest of your life.
For the 23 years of my existence, I'm grateful to God because He let me to live the 4 years of my life with you, but I'm more grateful because of the excitement that I'm feeling, thinking that I will live the rest of my life with you.

Opps.. I think I must stop here because it seems like I'm already writing my wedding vows. haha! :)
Happy 48th month to us Jerry Austria Jr. ILOVEYOU!

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