Styled By Marse: Style and Inspire Project-Last Horray For Summer!

 Heyah Dolls! I have this little backlog so please bear with me. Last summer, another styling opportunity was given to me through the Style and Inspire Project (S.I.P). Just to give you a little background, S.I.P was founded to inspire and to remind every lady that they are beautiful on their own way. We give a daily dose of tips for fashion and life's inspiration through our Facebook page. We also have an ongoing giveaway that gives a free make-over to ladies who deserves a day treat. I'm the In-house stylist of the team while my friend Jerose is in-charged with the make-up and Anj is our motivator/model. :) You'll know more about S.I.P on my future posts.

In collaboration with local online shops Women's Gallery and Vaintage Shoppe, Juliana Collection and Braccialetto Filipina, we helped out five(including Anj) girls in making their come true even just for a day. Let me share with you the photos made with our love, passion and hard works. 






The Team
Make-up by Jerose Mascarinas
Wardrobe and Accessories Styling by Marse Farinas 
Tracy Leopoldo
Leysale Chua
Rina Garces
Wilma Espina

Gemric Sumague
Mark Oliquino
Michael Oropesa
Reymond Macaraeg
Mike Amabata
Randy Benigno
Bok Austria

Many Thanks to:
Women's Gallery
Vaintage Shoppe
Juliana Collection
Braccialetto Filipina

University of The Philippines 

I hope that somehow these photos inspired you to dream more and challenge you to step out of your comfort zones.  God gave us freedom to dream and a choice. I hope you will always do the right things and chose to make your dreams alive by living with it. :) Happy Tuesday Dolls!

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