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These past days, My mind is cluttered with what to wear this season. Philippines is a tropical country and this season Mr. Sun is always up and energetic, right? He's always excited to see us. hahaha! But as a working person like me, it's kinda hard to chose an appropriate clothes for work and comfortable at the same time. We have to consider the fabric, the color, your style and fashion preferences. :) 

And for a try, I wear something presentable yet a bit conservative because I'm going to a Sunday service. I choose a breezy fabric like a sheer top, a bandage skirt but of course not too short, then a pair of wedges to make this outfit look more presentable and we all know that wedges are more comfy than platform heels. Actually I'm planning to wear flats, but my very handsome boyfriend said it doesn't look good for the outfit. hahaha! He's my fashion director in real life. I always ask his suggestions in everything. EVERYTHING :) That's LOVE. <3)

Basically, I suggest that you wear a thin and breezy fabric. As much as possible, avoid knitted clothes just for this season. Please. :) Then you must consider the color of your clothes, choose pastel, soft and cool colors like blue, green, yellow, light orange, pink or peach like what I did on this outfit. You don't want to wear dark and super striking colors this summer season unless you want to give eyesore and hot feeling to everyone you'll meet. haha! For the accessories, I prefer wearing light (weight) light(colors), the simple, the better. Then for our skin, do not forget to put moisturizer and of-course sun screen for protection. A healthier skin is the most important thing. Also, for our face, I suggest that you do a fresh look or day look only, or just don't wear make-up at all. Showing your natural beauty under the sun is much better. :) At the end of the day, always remember, never exchange your comfort to the fashion swing. Don't push yourself to wear something that will make you uneasy. :)

Peach Puff Sheer Top - Forever 21
Tomato Bandage Skirt - Forever 21
Medium Sea Green Satchel Bag - Women's Gallery
Burly Wood Wedges - Payless Shoesource PH
Chained Bracelets - Braccialetto Filipina

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  1. I love your blouse! Your bag screams summer. Bagay sayo ang outfit.

    XX, IamJenniya

    New post is up!

    1. weeh! Thank you so much Jenniya. :) You made my day. super.

  2. I love your skirt and bag!


  3. Very nice ;)

    xx, Edda

  4. I love the bag classic style but never left behind as well as the color of the blouse the color of my choice as always

  5. Yes please, visit my blog more often. Thanks for dropping by at Style Grenade sweetie. :) You made me smile in this effing Monday. <3 Love your nude wedges, btw.

    xx Diana


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