Simone's Closet

As a fashion enthusiast I love fabulous things, everything that shines, but I'm not always after the trend or what's in, though everybody loves it and everybody wants to have it. I have this love for unique things and hand made products (that's why I opened up my own accessories shop), I always look for something that you rarely see with others. I also love the bohemian fashion because its for all seasons. :) But where can I find unique accessories with a bohemian touch? You might tell me that, may be theirs a shop like that but you need to spend a lot if you really want it.  
But worry no more because today, I will share with you an online shop that has it all. Simone's Closet is one of those shops who offers accessories that is unique, hand-made, with a touch of bohemian fashion yet very affordable. Yes, affordable! Actually, even before I'm not yet a blogger, I've been in love with their products. They're so fashionable yet uniquely hand-made with love and passion. And here, let me share with you some photos from their Colorama Collection.

All photos courtesy of Simone's Closet

I'm sure you're all amaze with the glamour of this accessories especially when you love bohemian fashion. This is the shop for you. And behind these beautiful accessories is the creative mind and hands of Ms. Denise Lunod. She does all of this, from the design to its finish product. They are all hand-made with love. <3

Visit their shop at Simone's Closet and don't forget to LIKE their page!

And because they love the fashionable girls like you, we will have a blog collaboration with  Simone's Closet this month of May. I'm sure you'll love it dolls!

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  1. such a pretty accessories, i love hmmm... i love everything... so colorfull :)

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  2. lovely accessories! I wish I can have them all lol! Hope you can visit my blog back and check my new post? :)

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    Keep smiling,xx

  3. amazing <333

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    - A.

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    1. Thank you for the reply! =D
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