The Women's Gallery

Imagine yourself walking at the mall and you're on a window shopping mode just to kill your boredom, when you saw this beautiful bag, the bag you've been eyeing for so long, your heart pumps so fast and your eyes glittered. You thought this will be perfect for your favorite dress, the design was gorgeous, and it seems like she's smiling and telling you that you're match made in heaven. But when you walk towards her, and you saw the tag price, and your world just fell apart. And you can only tell yourself "Ang tagal ng payday :(" or "I'm on my budgeting moment." It's so frustrating right?

We love bags as much as we love accessories and shoes. It's like our fashion investment  Sometime we want to use different bags that will match our outfit for that day. But what if you're on your budgeting moment? How can I still be fashionable? How can I still hold the title of being the "IT girl" at the office? 

Dolls, today, you don't have to worry because every problem has a solution. :) Let me introduce to you a Women's Gallery, an online shop that sells gorgeous and high quality bags at its lowest price. Owned by my friend and college classmate Ms. Chin Olleres. Good news! our bag problems has been her problem too, but instead of giving her self a solution, she share this solution to us.  let me share with you some photos of her glamorous bags. :) I hope you'll like it dolls!
Above photos are courtesy of Women's Gallery

Satchel bags in candy colors, Tote bags, hand bags, speedy bags, all these fabulous bags are for you. :)  And because they love the fashionista like us, they have an on going giveaway in colaboration braccialetto filipina and yours truly. Visit the online shop at Women's Gallery and don't forget to like their page. 

You can also follow them at instagram @womens_gallery

PS: They also offer drop-dead tops and cute leggings. :) HERE

Fashion doesn't need to be expensive, we can always be fashionable without hurting our pockets. :) Remember, it is not what you wear, it is who wears it. Happy Tuesday Dolls!


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