Bazaar For All Season

Have you ever experienced seeing a glittery pair of heels at a mall shoe rack, or colorful satchel bag as sweet as a candy, or a cute dress that is perfect for your summer getaway, and suddenly saw both of your eyes glued to them? And the most tragic and tempting part is when they're all available at the very affordable price. It's hard right? especially when you are on your budgeting moment. hahaha! That's what I experience when I went to a bazaar earlier this month. haha! Arg!~
My friend Angie and I decided to have some bonding moments together. Actually, I told her I'll visit a friend on a bazaar and ironically she needed a dress to wear for her son's Birthday. So as her "Personal Stylist" haha! (I really love her for trusting me enough with her outfits). We went to the Bazaar for All Season at Centris Element, Quezon City to find the perfect dress for the event. There are many fashionable items that are really perfect for summer at the very affordable price. Here's some photos from the bazaar. I hope you'll like it dolls.

A Picture with Vaintage owner Ms. Er . Left to Right (Yours truly, Ms Er, Angie)
Summer Accessories! 

Left to Right (Angie, Ms. Denise of Simone's Closet and yours truly)
I love vintage watches for 450 pesos. Arg. I was tempted to have one but I told myself "this is not what you needed right now. next time next time. hahaha!"
Thanks to my friend Angie for making this Saturday bonding unforgettable. :) I had a really great time reminiscing our good old days (High School). hahah! This bonding moment gave our friendship another rubber bond, scotch tape and super glue to make our friendship stronger. Through thick and thin. haha! 

 And of course, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to share the things I'm passionate about with a friend. :) I realize that life is really short. Enjoy every moment and treasure those people who has been true to you.


  1. Those swimsuits are adorable!!!! I'm extremely jealous:)

  2. That colorful polka dot bikini is the cutest. I always feel like I find a bunch of great deals on things when I don't have the money to spend too much lol.

    xo erica

    1. Hahaha! That's what I felt too. But oh well, there's always a next time :)

  3. Hi! I found your blog and your pics are amazing!
    Step by me if you have time! We might follow each other!

  4. Wow!! What a beautiful blog. I like very much your articles, your photos and your style, I have followed you via gfc, bloglovin and google+ . I have also a blog and I hope we can follow each other~~


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