Styled By Marse: Fun, Learning and Style

Fun, Learning and Style. This are the things I got from the last styling opportunity I had. Last month, a friend from high school ask my little help to style her for a fun photo shoot. As everyone knows my greatest dream is to be an fashion designer/stylist and so I grab this rare opportunity to practice my hidden skills. On the photo shoot day, I'm shock that I will be styling four girls including my friend. And the most shocking thing is that I will style myself too. haha! Angie told me to grab this opportunity to have photos for my blog (outfit post). Though I still hesitate at first, I thought she's right. Grab the opportunity. haha. The long wait is over and here are the photos (I got this from the photographers. hehe)! Hope you'll enjoy this dolls!

The Bohemian Chic 
This is my friend Angie. You can't tell that she's a mom of two cutie boys right?  She's beautiful inside and out and she's one of the few true friends I have.

 Glam and Brighter Summer
Here's my new found friend no. 1 Joanne :) Love her face, it seems like everyday brightens up when you saw her.

Sexy and Sophisticated  
I know you've been catch by her tantalizing eyes. She's Aikhie, one of the loveliest and jolliest person I ever known in my entire life. She made us laugh the whole photo shoot time. haha! 

The Sweet Chic
The owner of this Angelic face and sweet smile is Michelle. Her simplicity brings all the beauty inside her. When I first saw her at the meeting place, I just thought this girl is pretty even without make-up.

Okay, so here are the group shots and other favorite shots.

Looks like Charlie's Angels are here. haha!

To my friend Angie, and to my new friends Joanne, Akhie and Chelle thank you for trusting me enough to style you all that day. I hope it won''t be the last. :) Thank you also for the handsome photographers Kuya Mhoie, Kuya MJ, Mark, EJ and everyone (sorry I forgot your names).

I had fun, I learned and hone my styling hidden skills and the best of all I got new friends! Tell me what you think about this little adventure of mine!

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