Prima Joseta: Accessories for the Modern You.

Accessories holds the biggest part of a woman's life. We always love to have something aside from our dress and shoes on. Let's just say we can never get over it. :) In line with that, I would like to share with you Prima Joseta, an online shop for Fashion Accessories and Souvenirs.
Prima Joseta is owned by my friend Ces Castillo, her passion for fashion becomes her determination and inspiration to enter this kind of business. Her goal is to offer affordable accessories for the Modern Fashionista like us. 

So why did she named it Prima Joseta?

"Ricordino Moda Gioeilli is the first name for my online shop which was conceptualized by me last July of 2012 and since the name is not catchy and and not easy to read, I've decided to change its name to Prima Joseta -- name that is so feminine,strong and classy. I got the idea from my mother's name Prima Castillo and mother-in-law Joseta Peña."

-- Ces Castillo

From the name itself "Prima Joseta", isn't is so gorgeous? Let me show you some fashionable items they offer.

Adorable bracelets on your dainty Little Black Dress. Perfect for a romantic date. :)
 Floral pair of earrings matching your perfect summer dress! So chic!
Colorful Arm Band this Summer. Perfect on your denim shorts and tees!

They also offer souvenirs, and invitations for all occasions.

Above photos are courtesy of Prima Joseta.

Did you like their products? Here are the fashionable accessories I got from their gorgeous shop!

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Have a happy Wednesday Everyone!

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