Wedding Preparation Diary: L'Orchard and M Catering

 Finding the best venue for your big day is one of the hardest part of the preparation.
There are a lot of things you need to consider like your budget. Theme of your wedding. The location, if it will be accessible for your guest. How many guest the venue can accommodate. Are there hotels near your venue for the wedding day preparation. And a lot more.
Let me share with you one of the venue's we visite

L'Orchard has 3 parts where you can set up your wedding. It has a garden with a capacity of 200 to 300 people I think. It is an open place with mango trees as your back drop. The garden also has white fences. Plus this gazebo. :) 
The second one was the place nearer to the pool area (yes they have a minin pool) It is an open area with a roof where the air can easily come in. I think this one is good if you have 100 to 150 guest so it wouldn't be that crowded. I'm not so sure if they allow to set up on the mini pool but It would be great if you can set up on the pool and set your ceremony then on the covered area for your reception. :)
The Third one is the air-condition area where M Catering also set up their food tasting. I guess this can hold up to 200 guest. The doors can be open if you plan to have a fresh air instead. But a little advice don't do it on summer. haha!
Our main agenda that day is to see the place but we're surprise with the tied up caterer who had there food tasting. We're very surprise that they pull out a very country-rustic set up which is our theme by the way. 
We loved the food, really. It was like we already found the caterer for our wedding. I loved their appetizers, the paella, and others. They also serve free coffee for your guest. But we changed our mind a little bit when they presented the rates. haha! We'll I can say it's a bit over our budget especially if we do our wedding in Tagaytay. 

I guess it still depend on the the theme of your wedding. But I highly recommend L'orchard if you are eyeing for a venue that is a little close to Manila. I also recommend M Catering if their rates will fit on your budget. :)



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  2. Perfect venues! Awesome shots for photography. Congratz!

    Yung venue parang Blue Gardens. :)

  3. These wedding preparations looks great. My sister’s wedding planning is also going on. She is going to have destination wedding at one of beachside San Francisco wedding venues. The couple has already gone there to look after the arrangements. We’ll also join them soon.

  4. The event's place looks great! Nice post. I'm looking for a catering services in Manila but I'm on a tight budget. Thanks for sharing


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