Country-Rustic is the Theme!

Back to blogging this Tuesday evening. I just want to give you all a short and quick post before I get back to work. These past months, me and my fiancé were too busy in preparing for our wedding. (So yes, this is the reason why I'm missing in action on my blog for the past months.) We've chosen a date and agreed with the theme. Then we attended wedding fairs for us to have an idea on the suppliers we need and how much it would cost for us to achieve the wedding of our dreams. Biggest part of the preparation is to choose our wedding venue and caterer. So far we've been to 3 venues and caterers. Almost three months had passed and I can say that preparing a wedding is really tiring (physically, mentally and financially). You'll be overwhelmed with the ideas and different suppliers. There was a time we got headaches in computing and estimating our budget. But there are also perks of making the preparation.
- You'll get to know a lot of people.
 - You'll always have free lunch/snack/dinner.
 - You'll be at the places you never thought existed.
 - You'll be more creative and idealistic.
 - You'll be more over conscious to anything.
 - You'll know more about your Fiancé. 
 - You'll have more time together.

Since we both love nature, unique yet simple things, and we love squeezing our creative juices in mind, we decided to incorporate our personalities that is why we decided to have a Country-Rustic Wedding Theme. Rustic wedding is on the wave for wedding themes but since we wanted to make our wedding simpler but classy we added a little twist by having the country style on our theme as well. So here's an #OOTD post to give  you an idea of what our guest can wear on our wedding.

A Floral top that you can pair up with a moss green/denim skirt and then wear your brown boots.Yes, this is the time that everyone will forgive you for wearing boots in a tropical country like us.  And just add lesser accessories so your outfit will stand out. :)


  1. cute outfit! good luck with all the wedding plans! :)


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