Keep your dreams alive and start living with it!

This year I decided to turn around 180 degrees, I decided to leave the things that I should leave behind and look forward to the future. To God's best plans for me. I decided to change the things that I should change and do better on the things that I should improve. To challenge myself to do something different, to step out of my comfort zone and start to live my dreams.

It's been half a year since I started blogging. I never thought blogging will have a big impact in my life. I just decided to create my own blog to promote my online shop, to document my passion for fashion and styling inspirations. Then it came to a point where-in I started sharing little things about my life. It makes me happy whenever I see comments about my post, whether its negative or positive. It still makes me smile because I realized that even if I'm just a "not-big" person or may be not known in the fashion and blogging industry, still there are some people who appreciates my work, my God's given gifts.
After 6 months of blogging, I gain a lot of online friends, I experienced attending fashion events(the freebies stuff. haha!), I had a lot of photos on my daily life. haha! Blogging made me realized that keeping track those ordinary moments of my life makes it EXTRA-ORDINARY. :) I also tried taking photos of my daily outfits and upload it on Chictopia and Lookbook. I also joined some bloggers groups like, Bloglovin and IFB.

Recently I joined this group of Filipino bloggers, Blogs ng Pinoy. My real agenda on joining this group is to discover new Filipino blogs and bloggers. Also, it is my way of getting more inspirations, get tips and discover new ideas about blogging. Last weekend I received a comment on my blog saying that MMC is on the top 5 list blog at the Blogs ng Pinoy . Here's the proof. haha!

When I joined Blogs ng Pinoy, I never thought that it has a voting process, I swear, and that they get the 5 top rank blog every month so I never did any campaigns for MMC, but God is really good and sweet. He surprised me with this Blogs of Fame 5th ranking. :)

For all of you, it may be non-sense or may be you're telling yourself that who cares? hahaha! But for me this is a big deal. Being the 5th highest blog for the month of March and to be featured on the Blogs of Fame really means a lot. :)

To all who voted me, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and you just don't know how much your one vote made me the happiest person this month. To those who haven't voted yet, please include MMC on your voting forms! :)

Keep blogging everyone! Don't just keep your dreams alive, Start living with it!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  - Joshua 1:9


  1. Congratulations!! :)
    I just made a new post. If you love cupcakes and anything about food, I suggest you read my blog post:

    Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated <3
    Angel x

    1. Hi Angel,

      Thank you so much! :) Will check out on your blog. :)


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