First DIY

Here's my first DIY

Originally this is a flair jeans,that was so "uso"- "in" when I was in high school. haha! Then when I turned college, I decided to cut it on a knee length. But since this pants is too old and good thing that it still fits on me after 7 years. haha!  I decided to do my first DIY with her (I mean the pants. haha!)  First I cut it to the length that I wanted then I sew some beads to accentuate the denim shorts. See photos for yourself!

Beads that I used to add some color to the denim shorts. Actually you can also use glass beads, sequins, ribbon, laces or patches. You can add anything as long as it fits your personality. The more unique the better. :)

It is very easy to do. Just remember, If you really wan't to try new things or you want to make something new out of old things, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Take courage, and hey, there's always a way to make things right. :) *wink! 

Squeeze your creative juices ladies. :) Have a bless week ahead!


  1. Hi! Panu mo nagawa yung dulo?

    1. Hi Hazel,
      :) I just took off the excess thread. :) hanggang maging ganyan. hehe. pero if you want yung ganyan na dulo. make sure to cut it with adjustments bago dun sa length na gusto mo. mga 1 inch. :) para pag tinastas mo ung excess sinulid hndi iiksi ung shorts. Yung sakin kasi medyo umiksi ee :) hahahaha!

  2. Hey, i just viseted your blog, it's pretty awesome!! I love your ideas and sense of style! :D
    These shorts are awesome, yesterday I tried cutting out some pair og jeans and it ended up pretty awesome, for my first time :D i'll put it on my blog in a few days!! Anyway, i invite you to know my blog, so if you can and have some time free please stop by since i need views and followers!! I'd be really gratefull!! Thanks in advance :)


    1. Hi Elena, :) Wow great to know that you love my ideas. :) Wow, you really tried it too. I'll wait for that blog post. Anyway, I would love to follow you. and Hope you could follow me too. Thanks!



  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! :) Sure, I follow your blog and leave a comment. :)

  4. great post! i'll need to try this one!



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