A Modern Boho

I believe that a life without love, is like a year with out summer. 
The flower month has finally arrived. This is also the month where we hit the beach with our family and friends. And I just want to start this season sharing with you a modern Bohemian chic outfit. :) 
I can say that Bohemian style will never be out of season. You just have to mix and match, and pull your Bohemian chic outfit  on your closet.
I cut my hair short a week after the wedding just for a change and because it's summer! :)
Fringe Sling Bag - Terranova Philippines
Brown Booties - Call it Spring Philipines
These are the pair of boots I wore during our wedding reception. So comfortable and yet it fits our Country-Bohemian Theme. :) 
Gold Watch - ESPRIT
Bangles - Gift

We have different ways to enjoy this season and express ourselves. What is your summer outfit? Let me know. Enjoy! 


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  2. Admin, if not okay please remove!

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