Resilient. That is the name I got when I attended the Encounter Retreat in our Church few years back. I've been out of the radar for almost 7 months now, I think. I have a lot of reasons. But the bottom line is, probably the main reason is that I think I'm losing the passion for fashion. Losing the passion for my dreams.
Before you get angry at me and throw crumpled papers at my face let me defend myself. Its not I didn't do anything to re-gain it, I did, a lot of times actually. I tried to do a rebound. I tried to dress up every Sunday or even at work. I tried taking photos again for this blog. I tried to write about my summer vacation. I asked my fiance to edit my photos so I can start writing a new post. But may be we always come to a point that we just stop dreaming for a while and we wonder if those dreams would really come true. Its like you're losing hope and all you wanted is to see the future. We get tired of waiting for the right time.

But it's just amazing how God can change everything. How God can give you another hope, like a 101% hope that all you dream about will come true. Only if you trust Him and only if it's according to His will. He has His perfect time It is just amazing how He made me realize that all I need is to have a little faith, even if its like a grain of mustard seed.
 Actually I don't know if I'm making sense here, but I hope I do. I just want to share what I felt and that I decided to be go back. Even if that means 2 blog post a month, or try to send my sketches to a fashion school or designer, or try to make fashion accessories again. 

I guess we always go back to were we belong.
 To what we are made for. <3

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