OOTD DIARY: Black Intact

Heyah Dolls! Rainy season is here and I believe this is one of the hardest part of the year for the fashion enthusiast like us. We need to wear thicker clothes, jackets and boots to cover-up and prevent ourselves from getting sick. But nothing can stop us from dressing up, so I came up with a simple yet stylish outfit that may fit today's season. 

Japanese Cotton Black Top - Bench Philippines
Tattered Jeans - H&M
Scene Stealer Necklace and Anchor Bracelet - Braccialetto Filipina (Design and hand crafted by yours truly)
Black Platform Sandals - Celine

Don't forget to bring your umbrella and cover-ups! What's your rainy day season outfit? I'd love to know! 

Photos by Bok Austria


  1. love all the rose gold details on your outfit <3
    margareta vania
    asian fashion beauty blogger

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  2. good pairing of your tee w/ your necklace! and denims are always love!

    I hope you can visit my blog and I'd love to do a follow-for-follow with you! XOXO :)


    1. Hi Lavina,

      Thank you so much! :) sure I'll visit your blog somnetime.


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