Blessing in Disguise

Hi dolls, this is just a quick post. Today , I was about to finish my travel blog post when I decided to visit and get some inspiration from other blogs at Blogs Ng Pinoy. I used to do this as a routine  before I start writing a blog and even as a daily dose.  It is also a way of supporting other Filipino bloggers by reading their posts.  Then I was shocked seeing MMC on the Blogs of Fame Corner of their page. Rated as the 5th highest blog votes for the month of June. This is the second time MMC was featured on their Blogs of fame corner and consistently on the 5th rank. This really made my heart smile, as in smile. ^______^ Thank you Lord! 

When you're tired from work, exhausted from school papers, broken hearten and you feel left alone,  God always do something to make today different from yesterday. He always add another color on it without you noticing. He will made you realize that your even blessed among others. Have a blessed day dolls!

Please continue to support and vote for MMC on Blogs Ng Pinoy! :) Thank you so much! 

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