Is Coming to Town!

Hi Dolls. Hope you're doing good. :) Just want to share with you our Company Christmas party last last weekend. We are ask to wear something that will represent Santa Claus. haha! The most interesting costume will get a cash prize so some of my office mates put some effort on preparing for their costumes. But since I took it just for fun, I came up with a Red Ridding Hood plus a Santa Claus concept but I don't know if I really succeed with the outcome. hahah! You'll be the judge guys. :)

The red cape with fur was sew by my mom the night before the event. When I told her I need a cape and I gave her the red cloth I bought and then she just gave me a straight face. haha! I knew she can finish it by the next day, (Hello, its' my mom and she's a super woman!) but I know she'll kill me after that. haha! :)) I help her sew the fur. haha! At least I have a part.

Good thing I have this red dress hiding inside my closet. haha! No need to cash out for an outfit. ^_^

Black Pumps by Call it Spring (Gift from my Boyfriend's mother.)

Thank you to my friend Joie for the photos. :)

So here's the end of my post. :) Hope you like it dolls. Don't forget to HYPE me on Lookbook


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    1. Happy new year too. :) sure i'll check out your blog giveaway! :) Thanks!

  2. haha you look so cute in your santa outfit! :)

  3. I love the outfit. :)
    Thanks for visiting, I'm following back. :)


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