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So, Here I am, entering the world of blogging. I really want to start blogging months ago, but I'm still finding my courage to do it. Good thing, I have my blogger friends Joanna Marcelo and Shine Manahan who really encouraged me to try. I used to read different blogs everyday, from fashion to personal blog post. One who also inspires me to try blogging is my favorite fashion blogger Ms Lissa Kahayon. (you should visit her blog dolls!) And of course, thank you to my handsome boyfriend who always support me in everything, Jerry "Bok"Austria! I love you! :)

I decided to start this on my month "September", yeah! you heard it right, I call this "my month" because a lot of important events in my life happened and celebrated during this month. So, here is my first blog post. Hope you'll enjoy it dolls and tell me what you think. Should I continue this? hahah!

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary( I really started a blog post by sharing my love life. hahah! )and also celebrating my 22nd birthday. haha! so it's two in one! We decided to visit the beautiful mountains of Tagaytay for whole day last weekend. We ate breakfast at one of the restaurants near Olivares, then we visited the Peoples Park in the sky. But so sad because it doesn't look as beautiful as before :(

Then Picnic Grove. We tried the Doctor fish spa, but, I never overcome my fear so i just scream and laugh the whole time while Bok enjoyed his doctor fish massage. He'll do this often daw kasi pumuti ung paa nya. hahah! We had lunch at Leslie's restaurant that has a very nice view of Mount Taal.

I hope you enjoy reading this post. Thank you so much! :)


  1. yey! I'm so happy to know that I'm one of the inspirations behind this blog. :) Keep blogging! Excited to go to events with you! Happy birthday and happy anniversary to you and bok! ♥

    Congrats! Great start!

    SunDMan ♥

    1. Weeeh! Thanks Shine! I'm so happy and blessed to be your friend. :) See you! Thanks again! :)

  2. Marse!!! Naalala ko na yung boyfie mo! I was hesitant pa kase at first kase he doesn't have glasses. hahaha

    Leslie's is really great! :)

    Belated happy anniv to you guys! Keep sharing the love! ♥

    1. hahaha! oo nga girl! :) Thanks ng madami! lalo nung saturday. haha! Til our next event! and yung trifting natin ha. haha! God bless you more!



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