Maven Magazine, Beyond the Blush @ Glorietta 3

       Last Saturday, I was invited by a blogger friend to attend the Maven, Beyond the Blush event at Glorietta 3. Though it's raining I still felt SUPER EXCITED! I don't care about the bad weather. haha! Because this is my first Fashion and Beauty event. haha! Can you believe it. This is it! 

The event was hosted by MYX VJ Ms. Bianca Roque wearing her blue peplum laced dress with that curly hair and red lips. So Gorgeous!

 I was able to take a photo with her. whoah! She's pretty and so tall! (or may be I'm just small? haha!LOL) :) 

Cute and yummy cupcake from Sweet Patti Cakes plus a wine from Manny O

           For the first workshop, Ms. Karen Agustin-Ostrea , Bb. Plipinas Universe 2002 and also the Director for Global Image Management  taught us about Personality Development. She's very charming and jolly. No wonder all the participants listens to every word she says. Good thing I didn't forget to take photos. haha!

           She talks about how to dress up in the workplace and how to accessorize properly. She also helped us to asses what body type we have, what color(s) makes our faces glow or become stronger, what kind of outfit we should wear on different occasion especially when applying for a new job and a lot more.

 A make-up demo from Benefit's Cosmetics Philippines, by Ms. Mica Tuaño-Fuentes introducing there newest products. They also taught us how to apply make-up that will looks like natural.

          A man from Amplius, Mr. Ben Ampil share us tips regarding money saving. Admit it, we all need to hear and learn this things. :)

               He doesn't only share about his saving techniques but he also give us little advise about our dreams and how to fulfill it.

         He taught us this method "The Taxi Method to success" with this questions:

 Where do you want to go? 
How will you get there? 
   How will you know if you are there? 

              He also taught us that no matter how far we came to reach for our dreams, we should never forget the people who stood by us and supported us. We're also moved by his random act when he said "I love you" to his wife over the microphone. *kilig much! HAHAH!

           Next is a make-up demo from The Face Shop inspired by Korean Fashion. They taugh us how we can have smokey eyes make-up during day and night.

For the last workshop, Ms. Denise Aquino, owner of Tokyo Posh took the floor and show us how to dress up your hair with hair extensions. This is one way of styling your hair without the commitment of cutting it. :)

Different beauty, fashion, skincare shops also participated and give SALE on there items exclusively for this event.

One of the reason why I enjoy this event so much is because I'm with my blogger friends Shine Manahan and Jamie Del Mundo.  Visit their blogs too! :)

And what's great is that all who pre-registered online for this event took home a loot-bag with exciting and lovely beauty products from the event sponsors. YEY! I was so blessed that I was able to win this flawless mineral cover powder from The Face Shop. i swear when I tried it.. whoah! It will make your face smoother. :) haha! So this is really my day!

   Thank you Maven for making my first event memorable!

Sequins Shirt - Jewels

Jeans - Bench Jeans
Gray Wedges - Figliarina/Shubizz
                                       Gray bag - Jovani Bags ( This is my Boyfriend's gift) :)
Yellow feather Chained Necklace -  Braccialetto Filipina

 At the end of the day no matter how almost perfect we look in the outside, we should always consider our inner beauty. Our attitude that makes us more beautiful. How we react on things and situations that makes us stand-out. What matters is how we make a difference. That's the true beauty of being a Maven Girl, of being a Filipina. :)


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    1. Hi AngieB,

      Wow! Thank you so much! Sure I'll check your blog! :)

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  2. looks like a really nice event!:)
    xx Kate

    1. Hi Kate,

      Yeah, this was really a nice event! :) thanks for visiting my blog! Keep blogging! :)

      <3 Marse

  3. ooooh, i just want that cupcake!!

    hugs, Vanessa

    1. Hello ReadyDress Go,

      Yes, that cupcake was lovely,yummy and very affordable! You can visit their site at
      but this is located in the Philippines. :( I'm not sure if they deliver outside the country. :) But I'm sure there are also lovely bakeshops on your country! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

      <3 Marse

  4. I really love your blog! You seem to put a lot of time and effort into it! And I love your outfits! Keep up the good work! I will check back soon!

    1. Wow! thank you so much! I visited you blog and I love it too. Specially your shoes on your outfits. :) So lovely!

      <3 Marse

  5. Great pictures and your outfit is really beautiful! I love the wedges and your gorgeous necklace!! The perfekt detail for your outfit:) Thumbs up!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments. By the way I personally made the necklace, I'm glad you liked it! Sure, I'll visit your blog! :) Hope to hear from you again!

      <3 Marse


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